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Jan 19, 2013 6:30pm EST
spike here. Ñbhealthcare electronics. health and well-being. the healthcare world÷b÷b÷b÷b÷b÷s conversed in a burglary. ÷bthere are a lot of areas of growth. ÷b÷b÷bobviously the automobile s recovering huge. they're using devices, but also we are gettingÑb to systems and focusingÑb and making sure that you are paying attention as a driver and wake you up. take facial recognition for example. that is an idea. it is very big. Ñbbiometric monitoring. also some issues that have come to the forefront. strategic integration. we have the best and the brightest here. Ñbwe had a guy that came to stanford and came from france. he was starting to monitor hearts of kids with problems. he gets kicked outdúdúdúdúdúdúde country. we do not want that. dúwe want strategic immigration. we also want to encourage to invest here and not abroad. we hope it will boost our economy and allow us todú create jobs here. deficit reduction is really good for us. we support the simpson-bowles. it hurts everyone. it shows sacrifice is painful, even for us. he needs stability in the finances of
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1